Ok so this is the movie I watched after I realized Tuvalu sucked. This movie was infinitely better. Not the best movie ever, and I’ll admit I was probably playing some stupid game on my kindle while I watched it too, but at least it had people talking, voodoo and torture.

The main idea is that Bill Pullman (i think his character was David or something) travels all over the world to weird remote places for a pharmaceutical company looking for new cures and shit. Which is a pretty cool job, well not if i have to go through what he did in the movie but still. I won’t say much else but he goes to Haiti to find “zombie powder” which they think the company can use as some magic anesthetic to keep people from dying or i don’t even know, that part was kind of contrived, but at least he had a reason.

The movie is from the eighties so it has that fabulous eighties feel to it, you know what i mean. But i think it was directed by uh .. Wes Craven? He’s supposed to be good i think lmao. And it was good. It isn’t your typical “zombies everywhere! ah!” movie but it was still creepy. If not creepier because it claims to be based on real happenings. And voodoo and evil government men are always creepy.

If you’re looking for something creepy to watch, I reccommend this. But you sort of have to pay attention, it’s a little like, mind bending. Not too bad.

Anyway. I liked it! 4/5

oh and check this out.

there’s this too. yeah. watch it.

January 05, 2012
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